"Among Other Things is a delightful reminder of how satisfying it can be to watch a single mind roll over the folds of its own thinking. With neither flashy forms nor sensational confessions, the essays in this collection are beguiling, witty, and surprisingly surprising because they approach their subjects head-on and yet still manage to cast new angles of light onto what we thought we'd seen before."

                   - John D'Agata, Contest Judge


"This is a most strange and sensational collection of essays! Robert Long Foreman writes prose so deceptively clear that the reader has no idea of being led to the still water's edge, where all is deepening mystery, the harder one looks."

                   - Richard Rodriguez, author of                            Darling: A Spiritual Autobiography


"This collection marks the thrilling debut of a writer who possesses that rare thing—an original and compelling voice. Through Rob Foreman’s lens, the ordinary world becomes delightfully odd and astonishing. Foreman is witty and intellectual, irreverent and curious, deeply honest and always surprising. Only a writer of singular talent can illuminate aspects of our world as if we’re are seeing them for the first time, as Foreman does in this splendid book."

                   - Maureen Stanton, author of                              Killer Stuff and Tons of Money


Available Now



3/23/18: Aimee Bender chose "Weird Pig," the short story that first appeared in Copper Nickel, for inclusion in Best Small Fictions 2018. It is forthcoming from Braddock Avenue Books.


3/1/18: My short story "The Vinyl Canal" is up at Willow Springs and in the pages of their latest issue.


2/21/2018: My short story, "Guy Stuff," about teenage sex gone wrong, will appear in an upcoming issue of Kenyon Review Online.


2/1/2018: The new issue of The Missouri Review features my omnibus review of four recent sequels to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.


12/1/17: My short story, "Jackbeetle," is available to read at Crazyhorse


4/7/17: The Fall issue of Agni will feature my short story "Zillow Games." It's about a concerned mother who learns that her husband has been endangering their child's safety in the name of scoring points on an iPhone game.

IMG_1332 (2).JPG

Robert's first book, AMONG OTHER THINGS, a collection of essays, was published last year by Pleiades Press, after winning the inaugural Robert C. Jones Prize for Short Prose. He has won a Pushcart Prize for fiction, and “Weird Pig,” a short story, was recently chosen by Aimee Bender for inclusion in Best Small Fictions 2018. Five of his essays have been listed as "Notable" in the Best American Essays anthologies. He has won fiction and nonfiction contests at The Cincinnati Review, Willow Springs, American Literary Review, and The Journal, and has published short stories and essays in such magazines as Agni, Crazyhorse, Electric Literature, and Indiana Review. He earned a Ph.D. in English with a Creative Writing emphasis at the University of Missouri. He lives in Kansas City.



Deep feeling 

A literary novel with an arch sense of humor about an elementary school teacher who is convinced her students have formed a cult and want to incite a violent revolution.

Alice Frost lives under a mountain of student loan debt and a mounting alcohol dependency. The last thing she needs is for Travis, a poor boy in her class, to bring for show-and-tell an enormous book about the filoguelle—-a gland in the human body that, it claims, has been overlooked by medical science, and which is responsible for inspiring feelings of love and affection. As the book circulates among the children, Alice comes to suspect—-based on its stranger, edgier contents—-that its true purpose is to stir the collapse of civil society. When the children start behaving unusually, Alice fears the worst, and so she interrogates the children and surveils Travis, but fails to uncover their plan before she loses her job and is forced to move on.

A decade later, she has cleaned herself up and moved back to the town where she failed as a teacher and as an amateur investigator. Her students, now teenagers, seek her out again, as they fear that Travis is building a dangerous machine that will help him finally achieve his goals. Alice must once again become a makeshift detective, and use the knowledge she has gained from her new job ghostwriting literature papers for college students to solve a ten-year-old mystery that refuses to stay in the past.

DEEP FEELING is currently under submission to literary agents.

Weird pig

A novel about a pig who tries to change his world and destroys it in the process.

As an unsuspecting piglet, Weird Pig is delivered in a box to a family in the suburbs, to help them solve their domestic issues. He only angers them, and escapes their wrath to a farm full of animals who are desperately materialistic and easily manipulated by the farmer who oversees them. On the way to the farm, he fathers an illegitimate son, The Sun Pig, who grows up with a messiah complex and believes it is his destiny to cook and eat his father. When he and Weird Pig are not clashing, Weird Pig spends the novel wreaking havoc on the farm and its surrounding community. He travels to New York City and becomes the star of a series of children’s books. Weird Pig’s character arc, in which he begins as an innocent pig and becomes, by degrees, a maniac, provides cohesion to the episodic saga, which chronicles Weird Pig’s life unto its end. The novel echoes other fabulistic narratives, like Animal Farm, that feature anthropomorphic creatures taking actions that have severe implications.

The character Weird Pig has been the subject of many short stories that have appeared in literary magazines that include Barrelhouse, The CollagistShirley, and The Collapsar. Three of these stories won the Editor's Prize at Copper Nickel, and the original Weird Pig story, "Weird Pig," was selected by Aimee Bender for inclusion in BEST SMALL FICTIONS 2018. 

WEIRD PIG is currently being revised and prepared for submission. I have to add some more curse words.

Yost in space

This one's about a reluctant passenger on a near-future space tourism flight that goes terribly wrong. It is still in its early stages, but this time I wrote an outline, at least.




Whatever Happened to Huckleberry Finn? Four Recent Huck Finn Sequels -in The Missouri Review

Nothing Comes Back from the Dump - at - Electric Literature

I Haven't Met Robert Coover - in - Tusculum Review 12

Jigsaw Puzzle - in - River Teeth 17.1

Why I Write Nonfiction - in - Copper Nickel 20

Dirty Laundry - in - Fourth Genre 16.1 

Answers - in - Pleiades 33.2 and Utne Reader Summer 2014

Boxes - in - Third Coast 36

Carlo - in - American Literary Review 24

Guts - in - The Cossack Review 2

James and the Giant Noise Violation - in - The Journal 36.1

The Emperor of Ice Cream - in - Cream City Review 35.2

My Skillet and I Are Disappearing - in - Southern Indiana Review 17.2

Centripetal Force - in - Kestrel 25

Clubs - in - Pleiades 30.2

The Most Lifelike Thing in the Room - in - Michigan Quarterly Review 49.2

The Road to Leeks and Pears - in - The Yalobusha Review 15

The Importance of Being Somewhere - in - Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts 9

Guns and Those Who Brandish Them in Cleveland - in - North Dakota Quarterly 76.4

Glass Fibers - in - Under the Sun 14.1

Pigs and Eggplant - in - Alimentum 8 

Playing Dead - in - Harpur Palate 8.1

Speak, Walking Stick - in - The Massachusetts Review 48.1

Moving Forward - in - SLAB 1


Short stories


Guy Stuff - in - Kenyon Review Online (forthcoming)

Zillow Games - in - Agni (forthcoming)

The Vinyl Canal - in - Willow Springs 80

Jackbeetle - in - Crazyhorse

Grace - in - Laurel Review 50.1

Enjoy the Clams - in - Qu

Black Telephone - in - New Ohio Review 20

Lost Origins - in - The Chattahoochee Review 36.2+3

Awe - in - Cincinnati Review 13.1

Eliza - in - Exit 7Issue 5

Gilda - in - THIS. 6

Sympathy for the Devil - in - Redivider 12.1

Vonwürdig - in - Booth 

Appraisals - in - Hobart 

Problem Week - in - Another Chicago Magazine 52

The Man with the Nightmare Gun - in - Willow Springs 72

On Brian’s Dreams of Submarines - in - Mid-American Review 33.2

The Story of Herman Melville and His Masterpiece Moby-Dick - in - Quarter After Eight 19

Turkey of the Woods - in - Indiana Review 34.2 

Cadiz, Missouri - in - AGNI 75 and The Pushcart Prize XXXVIII: Best of the Small Presses 2014 Edition.

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